German woman are celebrating ninety years of voting (in this case, given in the aftermath of defeat as the Reich was choosing delegates for a national assembly to write a new constitution).

Departmental America: Fortune Cookie Chronicles has a great post about how area codes are used by Chinese workers to navigate the US. (HT: Far Outliers) I find this compelling: beyond the property level, the US isn’t very geometric.  Area codes aren’t a reflection of either territory or governance; at best, they equate to population, but at worst, the convenience of the phone company.  Worst of all, area codes are multiplying!  I wonder how one’s mental map changes when new entities are created every few years.

Mediated history: Cafe Babel considers how film is the primary medium by which young Europeans know the Holocaust.  (Yep, I’m groaning in the background.)

The perpetually reuniting nation: At exhibit at the LA County Museum of Art (which I miss) tries something unique: bringing together East German and West German artists in order to explore a less divided post-war culture (one that is more of a response to the Cold War rather than a result of the divided political cultures).

The Incredible Shrinking University: Brandeis closes its art museum and will sell of its art collection.  Wait to see what happens next.