I tip my hat to anyone who can be a complete historian. The ideal subject, yes, should be humanity in its wholeness, of all era and places, from the birth of fire to global warming (let’s allow for some periodization, though). Following Bloch, would should allow our imagination fly to the farthest shores and vistas to find our past. There is such an historian, and he blogs as Mercurius Rusticus. He must be, reading his assault on the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women. Indeed, is not women’s history such a subject that rather than celebrates the human condition, creates feudalities that parcels away our common and universal heritage. Let’s suffer no talk of the exclusion of women. They may claim to seek redress and inclusion by doing so, but are they not shoring up the boundaries of their territory instead, solidifying the differences between genders rather than approaching a common appreciation thereof?

Alas, Mercurius Rusticus is no hero. Rather than liberate us from this demagoguery of the pen, he has chosen protection ofthe nobility of the sword, cowering behind the might of a depleted monarch, and who can no more see these shores than Franz Josef could see Brandenburg. He takes comfort that the ocean separates him from the luscious Amazons. He has retired to his own feudality, where he can be protected rather than do battle. How can he, from behind the barred door of his study, champion our great universal history against the factions of women? He is but another guildsman. And should he banish them, how will he repair the whole. He will make a desert, and call it man.