In any case, everyone needs to get out of the frame of mind that Obama needs to boost his foreign policy credentials with someone who got the war wrong. Thousands of lives later, we still think we need to listen to those who were so heinously wrong? That they should lead this country? They should be driven from office and made to look at the blood on their hands. What Drum calls a litmus test that he admits he wouldn’t pass is, in fact, the appropriate consequence for advocating and implementing a policy of death.

If people like Kevin Drum and Andrew Ross continue to associate foreign policy experience with the vote for war, Obama will lose the war as an issue.  The idea that the VP pool is depleted by excluding those who supported/voted for the war is absurd.  Not all of them are hard-core peaceniks; not all of them believed that Hussein was not a threat to the US.  And some of them have serious foreign policy credibility.  (Yeah, are we going to dismiss Richardson?  Keep him on serious diplomatic missions and away from “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and we’ll all be really happy.  And what about Clark?  Oh, he’s a military man, I forgot.)  There are also some good contenders who did vote for the war, and later regret it.  Here’s an idea: pick an anti-war VP, then hire a secretary of state and national security advisor who were hawks.  After November, Obama can fudge his promises.