Am I really listening to this stuff?

If you look at to the left, at the back, you’ll see the now rare banjo-mandolin (mandolin scale and stringing with a banjo body).

I’m running myself ragged trying to set up a course for the fall. It’s one of those writing courses, where the goal is to get young minds to apply fashionable theory” and, not inconsequentially, actually learn to write. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of room for actual reading, so I’ve been combing over each paragraph I want students to read. The general theme is using space as an element of conflict. It gives me a chance to assign River of Traps (memoir and photo essay of a New Mexican peasant–a greatly under-appreciated book) and Max Frisch’s Man in the Holocene (it’s a story about a rational, scientific man–a typically Frisch character–coping with natural disaster and isolation). Other potential readings: Carl Sauer on settlement of the Western US; Doreen Massey’s “Is the world getting larger?“; and Böll, among other things.

Jacobo Romero

A little reading: “Ukraine no longer silent about famine.”