As you look down at your ballot, take a look at John Edwards’ name. You may not like him, but he’s probably the last of a breed of politicians who see the workplace as a center of political organization. It is an era, according to Antonio Negri, that is passing.

Anyway, if your trying to escape election stories, check out Messjö Joel’s post on Alsatian German. Or the LA Times‘ “The Challenge of Keeping China Kosher” on the use of Kashrut as quality control in Chinese food industries (and the cross-cultural misunderstandings that occur). Or the NY Times on the discovery of an altar from pre-historical Greece. Or Alexander Trevi, who considers how Europe’s quest for power in Africa can radically alter the landscape. Or Open Democracy’s KA Dilday, who writes about the expectation in Morocco that homosexuality remain private. Or you can check out the (often political) floats in Cologne’s Rosenmontag parade (here, too).

(Last two reference recent religious controversies in the city: the building of a mosque, and the new “degenerate” windows in the cathedral.)