When did I start considering holidays a hassle? My work has been thrown into disarray with Columbus Day (really a useless holiday), especially since daycare closed for one of the two days each week that we send Elias. Rather than enjoying and relaxing, I have less time to accomplish things. And I have less time for substantive posts, which is too bad because I want to raise some issues about the use of “Weimar” in the description of nascent or troubled democracy, as well as some more thoughts about sacred texts.

One cool thing I added to the sidebar is All Consuming. I saw it over at Air Pollution, and since I lost my password for Library Thing, I needed a new way to list the books I own and read. I just finished Suite Française. The first half, though well written, seemed very familiar, not just from Forbidden Games, but also Wiesel’s Night. Hermann Kruk’s The Last Days of Jerusalem of Lithuania has a similar, perhaps more effective, description of the mass exodus caused by modern warfare in 1939 Poland. The second part, Dolce, is brilliant. Not only does it explore the grayness of collaboration and resistance, it puts gender front and center. Too bad this roman-fleuve (if Némirovsky intended one) could not outlive the war. She would have produced a stellar novel about the retribution against collaborators that target women disproportionately.