An article in Le Monde reveals a bit of cross-pollination: The German, neo-Nazi NPD adapted a poster by the Swiss party, UDC, for state elections in Hesse.  The UDC message, “For more security,” promotes policy to expel immigrants who have “abused our hospitality.” The NPD message, “Social only for the National[s]”, promotes restricting social services only to those who are nationally (as well as ethnically) German.

UDC officials claim that they had no contact or coordination with the NPD, but there have been other occasions in which UDC images and slogans have been used by extremists in Europe.  The easy instrumentalization of its poster reveals, nonetheless, how its own polemic on immigration policy rest on racist appeal, if its own positions are not outrightly racist.  Indeed, many anti-immigration or immigration reform movements cannot dissociate the image of the immigrant, whether real or in caricature, from their message.