Normally, I regard Rick Sanchez, like most contemporary reports, as useless. Why let the facts get in the way of an erroneous, but loud, opinion.  His reporting on immigration this week is no exception.  His debate between Tom Tancredo and Miguel Perez produced a really funny moment, where the latter truly got the better of the former:

SANCHEZ: What about you, Miguel Perez, when you look at something like [English-only legislation]?
PEREZ: We would have to change the name of the congressman’s state. It would have — he’s from Colorado. We would have to call it red.
SANCHEZ: Interesting point.
TANCREDO: It’s English. English is Colorado.

Tancredo was befuddled by the obvious.  (If he became president, would he outlaw Latin, like E pluribus unum, or Greek, like δημοκρατία?)