Two carnivals to report: History Carnival at Osprey Publishing Blog, and Erase Racism Carnival at ReadingWritingLiving.

Atopia has an interview of French anthropologist Marc Augé (in English).

The ‘Radonneur Urbain’ presents seven stages of Swiss democracy as a tour of Bern’s historical sights (in French) at Stadtwanderer: stage one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.  [HT: Kaufmann]

Brandon Watson has an interesting take on Jason Kuznicki’s post on sacred texts.  I wish, however, that they would have looked at the authority of sacred texts within any given community, how underneath orthodox claims of immutable truth come fluid, dynamic practices that show how communities adapt sacred texts to their interests.  Aren’t we ‘sacredly’ reading differently after Martin Buber?

Moroccans can be blond!  (Not really a shock, except to the narrow-minded.)

John Russell calls attention to the World History Association’s recommended readings.