Bébé has kept me up at night and busy during the day, thus little extra time for blogging. That, and I have become hopelessly addicted to Dead like Me. We did, however, have a great day at the Eastern States Exhibition (aka, the Big E). Unfortunately, I have a backlog of things I would like to post. So I’ll mention a few things briefly

The writing goes well, but I feel to cooped up in Germany right now. Too much Frankreich, not enough of la France. I’m compensating by making my non-diss related reading relevant to France. Currently, I’m enjoying (to my surprise) Huysmans Against Nature. After that I’ll consume some brief works by Virilio, Badiou, Marcel, Maritain, Rancière and Rosanvallon. But I didn’t find what I really wanted: French thought, preferably political or social, from the post-Bergson, pre-Sartre era. Any suggesttions? (Yes, this is a bleg.)

[ETA:] I notice from the stats that the resources are getting some attention. It’s still a work in progress, but if anyone has anything that belongs there, please let me know.