I spent the weekend watching M. Hulot’s Vacation and O Brother, Where art thou?, reading Charles Mann’s 1491, drinking a bottle of Rioja, and trying to get some work done … to some avail. Jacques Tati was an incredible observer of society, like Balzac and Zola, but a lot funnier.

Brett Holmann, on the other hand, put together History Carnival #31. Meanwhile, Munnin’s KM Lawson decompresses from his comps and looks forward to his dissertation–congratulations! Marc Comtois, not to be outdone, discovered some dead white men blogging. How revolting!

Brazil’s President da Silva contemplated the European Union as a model of Latin American and Caribean unity. I wonder why he rejected other models … could it have been the experiences of neighbor, Argentina?

I’ve read only one of the best American novels of the last 25 years! No votes for overachieving plagiarist Viswanathan?

AND THE AWARD FOR THE BEST ENABLER: Charles Clough, who has denied genocide in Darfur. “Target[ing] villagers, but not a whole race”–that’s rich, and inconsequential.