1. It’s the best of Coca-Colonization: watching foreigners playing (and perfecting) our game.
  2. Asian defense is amazing: the Korean infield was the best ballet I’ve seen.
  3. Some of these players might end up in the Bigs (ETA: or a raft in the Caribbean Sea.)
  4. Ichiro talked trash, but is on the verge of proving himself right about Japanese domination of the sport.
  5. So that I can start up a category of posts called “Not Cricket” (in honor of Sepoy.)
  6. You’ve been editing that chapter/thesis/conference paper for the last week, and you need to relax with a beer. (Although would Rum or Saki be appropriate?)
  7. Cuba is good, but they have their vulnerabilities (namely defense.)
  8. Big American stadiums frustrate Japanese sluggers.
  9. Games are fast-paced and the commercial breaks are short, unlike MLB games.
  10. You might see greatness: the future president/dictator of Cuba might hit a home run.