Public distribution of ham soup–that’s an innovative way of spreading a racist message!

The group Solidatité Alsacienne (Alsatian Solidarity) distributed ham soup at the rail station in Strasbourg as a means of celebrating European-Christian identity. As its leader, former Front National member Robert Spieler, put it, “the pig is a European symbol, whether you like it or not.” Of course, those who cannot eat it–Jews and Muslums–are excluded therefrom. At the request of the mayor and the president of the urban community of Strasbourg, the prefect banned distribution at the rail station. It has since moved elsewhere.

BTW, I am happy I haven’t done an ‘Alsatian Hate Watch’ in many, many months.

[ETA] I found an English language article on the incident.

On Saturday, police intervened to close the soup kitchen after Solidarité Alsacienne defied the ban and began distributing food in one of Strasbourg’s main squares.

Chantal Spieler, Solidarité Alsacienne’s president, was escorted to police headquarters and given a formal warning before being joined by her husband, Robert Spieler, a former MP for Jean-Marie Le Pen’s far-right National Front party.

Mr Spieler denounced “a totalitarian regime” where soon “they’ll be banning salami”.

He said: “Pork is a European symbol, whether we like it or not. The day when there are laws forbidding the distribution of pork in Alsace I believe there will be a lot of us who will leave France and take refuge in a country where there is still a certain culinary freedom.” His wife said she would appeal against the prefect’s decision.

“Pork is part of our culinary culture and we are offering the soup to everyone, so there is nothing discriminatory about it,” she said.

Here is an article about the movement (in French.)