At the panel Were All the World a Blog at the AHA annual meeting in Philadelphia, Cliopatria honored my three part series, The Geographical Turn (Parts One, Two, and Three), with an award for ‘Best Series of Posts.’ From the citation:

The judges thought that, of the nominations, this was the best example of historical scholarship. It was a well-written, thoughtful and accessible essay about an important historiographical movement that may be unfamiliar to many non-specialist readers, while for academic historians it discussed a less familiar aspect of a well-known subject. As such, it represented an excellent example of the uses historians can make of blogs both to explore their ideas and to increase understanding of the past and of the discipline of history.

I was there, blushing, to accept the award from Ralph Luker and from the judges, Sharon Howard, Timothy Burke, and Another Damned Medievalist. I would like to thank all them, as well as Marc Comtois, who not only nominated the post, but whose own series (nominated as well), motivated me to write thoughts about historiography and geography that had been running through my mind for months.

All of the winners are worth checking out:

Congratulations to everyone!