Today the wife and I are trekking down to the in-laws for a holiday visit. I’ll have to make some food before leaving, including my roaster butternut squash soup, so I won’t have much time to blog.

Jonathan Dresner has stepped down from active involvement in Cliopatria. I wish him luck. He has been, after Ralph, the glue of the organization. It’s interesting that he feels he needs to free up time to develop Asian history blogging:

I want to experiment with class blogs. I want to make the Frog blogs one of the landmark sites in Asian historical scholarship and pedagogy, and the Asian History Carnival an engine of a growing on-line community of interest. I want Asian history topics to find their way into the History Carnival and Carnivalesque and even the Teaching Carnival regularly, and that requires that the Asian historical blogging community grow and make stronger connections internally and externally.

Will it be a trend for academic bloggers to concentrate more in their fields? The three Frog in a Well blogs (Japan, China, and Korea) are remarkable group endeavors that delve deeply into their subject matter. Adding on bloggers over the past year and starting new blogs for each country (where’s Frog in a Well-Mongolia?) Dresner has created a strong academic community with an identifiable on-line presence. (Konrad Lawson’s contributions are particularly good.) I wonder whether Europeanists should group themselves in a similar manner.

[ETA] If you are looking for some new blog to read today, check out Inside Iran, written by an American student in Tehran.