Brandon invites bloggers to get away from work to consider a few questions. As you can tell, I decided to cut against the grain.

1) Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? Balzac — no one should accuse me of being an Anglophile
2) Who is your favorite George Eliot character? Büchner’s Woyzeck — no one should accuse me of being a fan of Victorian Literature
3) What is your favorite play by Sophocles? Antigone (I use it to teach Classical Greece)
4) What is your favorite play by Euripides? The Bacchae
5) What is your favorite play by Shakespeare? Racine’s Iphigenia (see #1)
6) Plato or Aristotle? Aristotle (I can be didactic, too)
7) Name two movies that most people have probably never seen that you would highly recommend. Belizaire the Cajun and The Unheart Music.
8) Foucault’s Pendulum or The Name of the Rose? The Name of the Rose.
9) Tea or Coffee? Coffee, only because I feel cheated ordering tea while out.
10) In your opinion, the least appreciated great thinker in history is: Egyptian /French/Jewish poet Edmond Jabès and German sex researcher Magnus Hirschfeld.

And perhaps I’ll add a few more questions:
11) Heidegger and Foucault? Heidegger
12) Hemingway or Steinbeck? Steinbeck
13) If you had to say one Oliver Stone film was more historical than the rest, which would you pick? The Doors (despite the hagiography of Jim Morrison, it holds up better than the other films, especially Platoon)