March of the Penguins is an advertisement for monogamy? The French film about mating and parenting in extreme climates has been appropriated by religious conservatives as an example of positive family values: the penguin parents remain faithful to raising their offspring for the duration of the cold winter in the Antarctic. However, as it has already been noted, their monogamy lasts only for the one mating cycle; the next year the birds are free to court another.

But, the movie could also be taken as proof of the equal value of women’s work! Throughout the film, each parent takes turns making a perilous crossing of the ice sheet to fish in the cold waters; the other cares for the newborn, keeping it warm and away from harm. The first parent to take this trip is the female … while the father carries the egg with his feet so that it does not touch the ice. So, March of the Penguins is an advertisement for revisiting the ERA!

(HT to Brdgt)