Fed up with the situation in the Balkans, some Bosnians have decided that Tito got it right. They have proposes a new imagined community, a state without territorial, ethnic, and religious divisions. the Republic of Titoslavia.

The symbolic republic will be founded on Tito’s birthday May 25 by a group of Tito’s supporters in Saraybosna (Sarajevo). It will have a constitution, national anthem, passport, and an emblem but no land. Yezdimir Milosevic, the leader of the group, told Agency France Press (AFP): “This republic has no borders and land. The capital city of Titoslavia is the hearts of its citizens and Titoslavia lives where its citizens exist.” A photo of Tito, taken during the WW II, will be at the center of the new flag of Titoslavia. The national anthem pledges: “Comrade Tito. We all promise to follow your way.”