Ralph Luker, picking up on a suggestion of Derek Catsam, is spreading the new meme: what are the three books that you are ashamed to admit that you have not read?

I’m sure Ralph’s office — and life — are like mine: surrounded by stacks of books that we can only hope to finish. He mentions some books that he will try to get to.

However, there is another category of books — things that have been pushed to the side so long that I operate as if I have read them. And I don’t even posess them! So here it is, the three books that I am ashamed to admit I might never read!

The first two are remarkable because I have read other things by Roth and Stendhal that I love. The last reveals how low I might stoop: I put Mary Barton on a list of books from which students could write a report. Any forgiveness out there?

The good news: my current reading, I am confident, will become a classic: Orhan Pamuk’s Snow.