If the Red Sox lose tonight, especailly after the incident when Rodriguez slapped Arroyo’s arm in order to make him drop the ball, then there truly is a cruel god.

What was A-Rod’s hypocritical response after the game:

Rodriguez said after the game that he probably should have tried something different than slapping the ball from Red Sox pitcher Bronson Arroyo. “Maybe looking back, I should have just run him over,” he said. “When I tried to reach the ball, the rule goes against me.”

Torre was worse:

“Randy Marsh was closer than anyone else, and it looked like there were bodies all over the place,” Torre said, referring to the fact that first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz was near the play. “There were a lot of bodies in front of me, so I can’t tell you what I saw. I was upset it turned out the way it did for a couple of reasons.

“First off, they said Arroyo was in motion, too. It’s not like he was standing there. And there was also a player on the Red Sox who was in the line who didn’t have the ball, which can be an obstruction play.”