Do it, dude! Come on! There are only three major news organizations, and two of the three Kerry mentioned can’t be CBS. Go ahead, insult them!

Well, GWB avoided making one mistake. Debate number three was a sequel of number two, although moderator Bob Schieffer conducted the affair as if it were a tough interview rather than a debate. I am sure that voters learned nothing other than how to repeat the candidates catch phrases.

Kerry played it safe. I am surprised he mentioned Mary Cheney, but I am more surprised that the media keeps bringing that up. [On edit:]However, it is not a taboo subject on the campaign trail: Dick Cheney talks about it openly when talking about the proposed constitutional amendment.

GWB proved he could not talk about jobs … he kept changing the subject. Yes, education affects jobs, but GWB failed to deal with the structural problems of employment in the country. Furthermore, he might have insulted some ex-IT people by claiming that education would help them out. Had GWB promised to close outsourcing loopholes, he could have turned everything around.