How have people in Massachusetts reacted to married same-sex couples? Johno observes that they do not really give a damn:

Massachusetts is a part-Catholic part post-Puritan, blue-collar state with a large population of recent Latino immigrants and a traditionalist streak a mile wide. In short, most of the state falls into the general category of “people who might really hate this gay marriage thing.” And yet, it’s here, they’re queer, and from what I can see everyone is, in fact, used to it. Outside your fire ‘n’ brimstone pulpit parties where I’m sure the issue still surfaces any time a preacher needs some shorthand for “worldly depravity,” nobody freaking cares. Non-issue. Whoopeedeedoo.

I agree completely. I live in near some of the largest populations of homosexuals, and I don’t get the sense that their presence undermines the public’s sense of what marriage means. In fact, there is nothing public about same-sex marriages. They are not obvious or distinct. A friend noted to me that many of the couples have embraced marriage in ways that aside from gender, could be described as traditional. These few married couples have a streak of traditionalism, affirming marital roles while expanding them to include themselves. Many of the couples no longer call each other partners and refer to each other as husbands and wives