I have taken some time to add a few more links to the blogroll. There are a few whereto I want to draw special attention.

  • Tim Lindgren, a graduate student at Boston College, is networking numerous blogs having to do with the broad category of place. His site, called The Where Project, is an extension of his own studies of blogs as places of technology. He allows and invites visitors to register and participate in his site.

    One nascent effort that Tim points out is Thingster, an effort to use blogging to create a body of knowlesge based on place (I’ll let Tim explain).

  • The blog Rua de Judario has lots of in depth information about Portuguese and Jewish history, dealing especially with Conversos. Unfortunately, the blog is written in Portuguese, and reading it through the translation program can frustrate an otherwise rewarding entry.
  • I have to give big thanks to Geitner Simmons of Regions of Mind for giving me a glowing review. Welcome to all who visit.
  • I also must give tremendous thanks to Johno for dropping me a nice e-mail after reading my prospectus. Writing a dissertation is lonely business: I am gratified that someone took the time to learn about my research and to respond kindly to it.