• Before you all go off on your camp-outs, cook-outs, and other soirees: Happy Independence Day
  • Brdgt (the angry/crafty girl) notes research into the possible presence of humans in the Americas 20,000 years ago. As she explains in her comments, this research is controversial because:

    [the] existence of pre-Clovis cultures would mean that the first people came to the Americas not by the Bering Land Bridge, but some other way (boats for example – explaining how they could go all the way down the coast to Chile.)

  • Geitner Simmons highlights a book about the reputation that Kansas received in the 1920s for its involvement in moral reform at the national level:

    The 18th Amendment — the prohibition amendment — was dubbed the “Kansas Idea” by some wags[.]

  • Language Hat notes that the century old Jewish Encyclopedia has become public domain and is online–perhaps an interesting research tool for Judaism and Zionism.
  • Somewhere along the line I lost a link to an article in the LA Times from the last month about the difficulties that the Lubavitcher Hasidim are having getting over the death of Schneerson–there are people who still think that he is Moshiach, despite being dead.